Neville Siding Run July 2017

 15th & 16th July, 2017

Trip to Neville Siding, Neville (near Blayney)


We arrived at the meeting point at 9am at Glenbrook Information Centre. The group were waiting for one more car to arrive. We needed fuel and went over to the servo to fill up and rejoin the group as they proceeded up the mountains.

First stop was ‘smoko’ at the Lolly Bug at Little Hartley. Some further ‘hellos’ were made with another 2 cars joining us, with jam, cream, scones and a cuppa.

Back on the road again travelling on to Bathurst and then south-west to Blayney for lunch. The Exchange Hotel had a lot to deal with, calling in reinforcements, to feed 22 hungry NSW Chevrolet Club people. They did it well, the food was great and served with a smile. Back in the cars and off to Neville Siding another 20 minutes or so and our home for the night.

Neville Siding is rather unique providing accommodation in rail carriages, a caboose, and a station master’s house from earlier days. There is a large shed, named ‘The Goods Shed’, surrounded by train carriages for sleeping, toilet and shower blocks, a lovely fully equipped kitchen, TV, stereo, pool table, tables and chairs and everything you need for a great stay. The weather forecast promised us Minus 6 degrees but the Goods Shed was fitted with plenty of heaters, a wood fire and electric blankets on the beds. We were not cold. Everyone settled in to their accommodation, cups of tea or drinks of choice, nibbles and cakes, card games, pool games and lots of conversations were shared. We all joined Sue singing Happy Birthday to Denise with candles and cakes, noting it took some expertise to get a light for the candle as no one had a lighter or matches.

Around 6 pm we all donned our jackets for a short walk to Neville Pub for our ‘Christmas in July’ dinner. It was very tasty and delicious with pavlova, cream and ice cream for some. They even put up a Christmas Tree for the occasion.

Back in the Goods Shed, Sue had some activities planned for us. We split up into teams to play ball games with ‘balloons’. There were lots of laughs. Next we had to put our thinking caps on for some Brain Teasing and Trivia. Later a more informal type of card game, Cards against Humanity, were played with six ladies and one gentleman. I heard it said that Macca never had so much fun with six ladies (with their clothes on).

Next morning everywhere outside was white. But that didn’t stop our trusty trip leaders, Sue and Garry, cooked breakfast for everyone. Denise did a great job keeping the washing-up in control. Maree, Steve, Clive and I took a stroll around Neville after breakfast. The sun was shining and it’s a great little town. A school, church, playground, Anzac memorial, a pub and a Piano Museum. Anyone we passed gave us a wave or a ‘good morning’.

Back at the Siding everyone was packed up and ready for a group photo at the Station house. We all agreed to have a ‘real’ coffee and say our farewells at Yetholme, which we did, Sue bringing out the last of the home cooked goodies to share.

It was a great weekend shared with great company with lots of fun and laughter. Many thanks to the organisers, Sue and Garry, for a well organised trip.

Christine & Clive Owerko - 1957 Chevrolet Belair Convertible.